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Lonely Oak Ranch Tack & Horses
About Us

Many people like to know a little about the people behind the products they buy, so we will keep you updated on life at Lonely Oak Ranch on this page.

The Ranch

Lonely Oak is currently residing in Oakland MS. We own 4 acres and lease 20. We keep 4 personal horses, my paint and aqha barrel horses, my daughter's paint filly and Lance's gelding.
We are planning a move to MO in the next couple of years. There we will have more room and better oppurtunities with 40 acres.

The family

Lance and Jaimie have been married for almost 5 years. Lance is a policeman and Jaimie is the trainer and tack maker. One daughter, Dakota, that rules the roost!
Lance enjoys roping, fishing and hunting. Jaimie enjoys the barrel races and being outside. Dakota enjoys riding horses and climbing!
We invite you to visit Lonely Oak Ranch's personal site!

Lonely Oak Ranch's site

our family

Lance, Jaimie and Dakota September 2000